The Secret Successes of Laser Dentistry

Although it is not often discussed, or in many instances, completely unknown to many individuals, lasers can and are effectively used for precision therapies within the dental industry. The secret successes of laser dentistry remain as effective as ever. For more information about lasers in dentistry, consider the following: – It is necessary to clean… Read more »

Your Regular Teeth Cleaning

Having regular dental appointments is important for your oral health. Dr. Lara-Perdue and Dr. Kennedy suggest that patients come in for a checkup at least twice a year. Depending on your oral health, you may need to visit our office more often. It is important that you come to North Forest Family Dental Care as… Read more »

Do Not Feed Your Child Products That Can Harm Their Teeth

Do not feed your child products that can harm their teeth. Sugars and food particles are capable of damaging young children’s teeth and cause baby bottle tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay is a disorder in young children caused by dental erosion attributed to sugars and other harmful products that eat away at their precious… Read more »

Why MTM® Clear Aligners Might Be the Right Choice for You

If you have been considering aligning your front teeth but don’t need to align the rest of your smile, MTM® Clear Aligners might be the right choice for you. Our North Forest Family Dental Care team is excited to offer these innovative aligners for our patients seeking to straighten part of their smiles. Dr. Betzy… Read more »

Why Is Fluoride Considered Nature’s Best Cavity Fighter?

Why is fluoride considered nature’s best cavity fighter? For one, it has been proven in studies to work effectively and efficiently at strengthening your tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hard yet thin substance on your teeth that protects the inner tooth from damage. However, tooth enamel can easily be damaged or eroded, so any… Read more »

What to Do about Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth hurt when you draw in a breath of cold air or when sipping hot tea, you are not alone. Sudden tooth pain arises with tooth sensitivity which is one of the most common dental conditions we see in our practice. At North Forest Family Dental Care in The Woodlands, Texas, our dentists, Dr…. Read more »

A Professionally Whitened Smile Can Be Maintained with Quality Whitening Strips

Stains that have penetrated into your tooth enamel can leave you with an unsightly, yellow-looking smile. For teeth in this condition, Dr. Lara-Perdue and Dr. Kennedy will often advocate a professional-grade dental bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents and professional techniques they use are the safest means of restoring the white luster of your smile…. Read more »

All You Need to Know About How to Take Good Care of a Dental Implant

Dental implants are strong and reliable restorations that can last for a lifetime—but only if you take good care of them. So, please make sure to do all you can to keep your implant in tip-top shape. Some things you can do include: –Keep up on oral hygiene: It’s very important to brush your teeth… Read more »

The Players Needed for the Game Plan for Healthy Teeth

If you have a game plan to have strong teeth and a healthy smile, then you need to have the proper players (also known as oral hygiene tools) to help you complete your game plan and reach your oral health and smile goals. To help you know which tools to use as you clean your… Read more »

Prevent These Common but Dangerous Dental Problems for a Healthy Smile

If you want strong and successful oral health, then it’s best to take good care of your smile on a daily basis. In order to do so, Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue strongly encourages you to avoid the dental issues that can attack and harm your teeth and gums. Those dental issues are: –Gum disease: Gum disease… Read more »