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Symptoms of a failing dental filling often manifest as worsening sensitivity or a change in the tooth’s surface texture. Some patients with a distressed dental filling will also notice discomfort when biting down hard.

If you ignore the signs of distress or you fail to attend your routine dental checkups with Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue, the compromised dental filling could loosen and fall out. A tooth in this condition is at high risk for suffering a significant fracture as well as a severe case of tooth decay.

If you have a tooth with a distressed or missing dental filling it’s best to seek treatment from our dentist as soon as possible.

If the affected area is small and it doesn’t immediately affect the tooth’s structural integrity he might be able to install a replacement dental filling. The treatment process requires our dentist to carefully remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel, which will create a clean surface to bond the new dental filling in place.
Making sure to attend all your future dental checkups will serve to clean your teeth and monitor the overall health of your mouth as well as the tooth with the replacement dental filling. If our dentist finds an area of concern, he will present you with further treatment options.

If you live in the The Woodlands, Texas, area and have a tooth with a distressed or missing dental filling, you should call 936-271-3338 to have it examined and treated at North Forest Family Dental Care.