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Proper daily oral care is the key to having healthy teeth and excellent oral hygiene. Daily oral care should be accompanied by routine dental checkups every six months and regular fluoride treatment. We offer insight into your options for regular fluoride application to improve the quality of your teeth and enhance your dental hygiene.

Certain sources of food and water contain this natural mineral, which provides nourishment for the teeth to keep them strong and reduce the effects of oral bacteria. The demineralization and remineralization process that your teeth undergo every day can be improved with regular fluoride exposure, which prevents the teeth from becoming weak and experiencing tooth sensitivity, cavities and gum disease. Cleaning your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash every day can keep them in good shape.

If your teeth seem prone to dental issues or you are concerned about your oral health, we invite you to speak with Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue or Dr. Brooke Kennedy about receiving professional fluoride treatment during your next dental checkup. Our team uses a varnish to coat the teeth following the end of the dental cleaning and allowing it to soak into your teeth for a while before rinsing your smile.

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