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Without timely professional treatment, tooth decay will continue to progress. As it spreads an increasing amount of previously healthy dental structure will be demineralized and lost. This could also include a potential infection in the pulp or root of the tooth, with potential dental abscess complications.

This is even more likely to become an issue if you have a bad habit of skipping your regularly scheduled dental checkups. In time severe tooth decay could potentially lead to a severe fracture or the total loss of the tooth.

If Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue and his team can’t viably treat the tooth with a root canal, whatever remains of the tooth might need to be extracted from the periodontal socket. Recovery aids might include a prescription for pain medication. If warranted he might also include a course of antibiotics to alleviate an infection in the periodontal tissues.

After any infection concerns have passed and the local gum tissues have fully healed Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue might recommend restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a standard dental bridge. This is a single piece of dental work that has been used for decades to replace the basic function of a missing tooth.

It encompasses three teeth, consisting of a solid artificial tooth is completed fused with a crown on each end. It will eventually be anchored directly onto abutments formed from the two neighboring teeth. After it has been produced in a dental lab the dental bridge will be cemented in place with a strong dental grade adhesive.

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