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You have no doubt heard that root canal therapy (commonly referred to as a root canal) is an unpleasant procedure, and it was back in the day. However, root canal therapy has come a long way in treat common dental problems such tooth decay and trauma. Dr. Betzy Lara-Perdue, our skilled dentist, is eager to provide you with a review of the amazing advancements in root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is often recommended when the root canal of a tooth becomes damaged and can’t heal on its own. Without treatment, the entire tooth will eventually die and need to be extracted. In recent years, root canal therapy has come a long way in both its efficiency and comfort. Today, many would tell you that their root canal treatment was equivalent to having a cavity filled.

There are many causes behind the improvement of root canal therapy, the main reason being that dental technology has advanced significantly, creating thinner and more flexible tools that treat your smile with greater precision. Improvements in dental X-ray technology allow our team to make sure your procedure is as well as possible.

Despite the non-threatening nature of root canal therapy, we would prefer that you not need it, but instead keep your smile in good health. Brush and floss every day and schedule dental visits every six months. (Please be aware, though, that the need for root canal therapy can still arise in spite of these efforts.)

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